Top 10 Snacks That Burn Energy

snacks that burn fat

Whether it’s just before lunch and your having a challenging day at the office or on your way home and you know that dinner is still a few hours away, everyone has experienced those hunger pains that have us reaching for all the wrong foods.

When the time comes to choose your snack, be prepared to make the right decision! More specifically, educate yourself to reach for a food that will actually burn more calories than it contains. Yes, these types of foods really do exist and even have a name – “negative calorie foods”.

They have so little energy that your body uses more energy to digest and absorb the nutrients than the food actually contains! Therefore choosing negative calorie foods for the majority of your snacking, in addition to a convenient exercise program such as walking or biking before or after work, can make it easier to literally watch fat melt away!

My last post, 100 simple weight loss tips to cut 100 or more calories a day, got such a great response, soin order to help educate you and give you that much needed jump-start on your nutrition, below I decided to list the Top 10 negative energy snacks that will boost your metabolism and burn loads of calories.

1. Cabbage. You can substitute a daily salad with sliced cabbage strips, or finding a healthy cabbage salad recipe.


2. Celery. No dipping in peanut butter or any other high fat accompaniment. Try non fat salad dressing.


3. Cucumber. Sliced cucumbers make a great addition to any salad or stir-fry.


4. Carrots. Preferably eaten raw.

carrot sticks

5. Tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes make great snacks or you can stack them on a healthy sandwich with lettuce – another negative calorie food!

cherry tomatoes

6. Blackberries Raspberries Strawberries. Great for snacking raw, or throwing into a blender or a bowl of oatmeal.

Blackberries Raspberries Strawberries

7. Grapefruit. A bowl of fresh grapefruit on the breakfast is one of the best ways to start your nutritional day!

grapefruit snack

8. Melons: Watermelon, Honeydew or Cantaloupe. Great for smoothies for breakfast or snack at some point in your day. Gives you a great, natural energy boost.

Watermelon Honeydew Cantaloupe

9. Peaches. Toss into a reusable bag for a convenient snack at work or travel throughout your day.

sliced peaches

10. Mandarin Oranges. Wonderful on salads, with a meats such as chicken or on their own anytime of the day!

mandarin oranges

It’s all a very basic formula; your body responds to the presence of these foods by producing digestive enzymes. These enzymes act like small engines to break up carbohydrates, protein, and fat in a natural way. It is so great that there are enough engines to not only break down the negative calorie food, but also additional calories that are present in digestion.

Happy Weight Loss!


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