Oxygen And Weight Loss-Breathing For Weight Loss

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Weight Loss and Oxygen Video

According to Miki Ryosuke, breathing can help you stay skinny. The former Japanese actor, in an article that appeared in the Daily Mail, claimed that he lost almost thirty pounds in just 7 weeks through practicing what he refers to as the “Long Breath Diet.”

I Started Breathing Deep Breathing A Few Times A Day After Learning This!

This involves the practitioner slowly inhaling for three seconds and then vigorously exhaling for seven seconds. According to Mr. Ryosuke, obese and overweight patients who practice his Long Breath system for a total of 2-5 minutes per day will lose weight very quickly.

Even if the claims made by Mr. Ryosuke are an exaggeration, it is definitely true that an important relationship exists between oxygen and fat cells. This relationship might play a role in obesity developing and making it hard to lose weight.

Of all of the various substances needed for the human body to function properly, oxygen is the most critical one of all.

Oxygen Is Overlooked As A Key To Weight Loss!

Although it isn’t usually considered to be part of the “Mighty 90” nutrients, there is no amino acid, fatty acid, mineral or vitamin that is anywhere near as important as the 8th element, which is a basic small atom which forms and makes up around one-fifth of the total amount of air that we breathe.


girl riding bike for healthWe can survive for months without essential nutrition, and without water we can probably live for three to four days.

However if we don’t get the oxygen that we need, it is inevitable that we will expire within a few minutes.

Hypoxia is the medical term for oxygen-derived bloods. It is the leading cause of disease within the body.

Blood pressure rises under hypoxic conditions, as the body is trying to deliver addition oxygen into the tissues.

The rate of breathing increases as the lungs respond and gasp for more air to get oxygen. The brain, which uses around 20-25 percent of the oxygen in the body, will most likely start to function in a sluggish way.

As the body tries to deal with oxygen depletion, cortisol (stress hormone) secretion increases.

Stress Has Been Found To Be Present In Many Heavy People

Ultimately this can lead to immune system suppression, in addition to an increase in cancer and tumor formation. Genetic change will occur over time that slow key processes down like repair and detoxification. Protein synthesis is also inhibited.


woman holding scale
Fat cells respond in an interesting way to oxygen deprivation. These cells are known as adipocytes and initiate different coping strategies in an attempt to deal with being unable to obtain oxygen.

One strategy that fat cells use is to become impervious to insulin signals. This is called insulin resistance, and may lead to increased insulin secretion from the pancreas. This ultimately increases fat storage and causes weight gain.

More Oxygen Into Lungs Increases Oxygen To Your Body Tissues

Less oxygen, in other words, results in more fat. In addition, insulin secretion increases following insulin resistance may lead to lipomas (fatty tumors) and fatty tissue fibroids.


If you are having a difficult time losing weight no matter how long you work out on the treadmill, how supplements you have taken, or the number of calories you have cut, then you might possibly have a oxygen deficiency that your body is dealing with.

deep breathing smart phone appTry to practice deep slow breathing regularly. Be sure to breath through your nose always and be sure your breath goes all the way down to the lower part of your stomach.

There are apps for smartphones you can use for helping you learn how to deep breathe. The one that I really like is “My Calm Beat.” Purchase a package of balloons and blow them up using strong, long breaths.

I Downloaded The App My Calm Beat For My Android Phone

One great way of improving oxygenation and increasing lung capacity is to work out at a high elevation. And since oxygen is produced by plants through their natural chemistry, it can be helpful to have plenty of greenery around your home.

Paying close attention to your breathing might provide you with some fairly significant benefits when it comes to weight loss.

However, even if you don’t even end up losing weight right away, you will reduce stress hormone levels, improve hearth health, be able to think more clearly and have more energy. guy showing weight loss after deep breathing
You might not get skinny right away from breathing, but over time will see results.

However, it definitely will make you feel a lot better, and you will probably lose some pounds over the long run as well.


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