10 The Best Weight Loss Tips to Loss Weight in a Week

Weight Loss Tips to Loss Weight in a Week

They cost nothing, are easy to put into practice, contribute to a good diet. These tips are based on medically proven facts and they are all well known. I confronted the list with the facts already in the site to provide the most incontestable collection.

Follow bellow 10 tips and you will see a stable weight loss in a week …

1. Cinnamon and Yoghurt:-

Every day, take a yogurt with cinnamon.

What for? Cinnamon helps to burn fat. And yogurt contains little fat (provided it is from skimmed milk).

2. An Apple Before a Meal

weight loss

Eating an apple 15 minutes before a meal.

What for? Because of an apple digestion consumes more calories than the fruit brings even while filling the stomach.

3. Skimmed Milk

loss weight

Replace whole milk with skim milk.

What for? It contains less fat and more calcium. You lose vitamin D, but you can find in other foods.

4. The Carrot Juice and Green Tea

weight loss tips

Avoid soft drinks and sports or sugary drinks. These include coke.
Drink green tea, carrot juice instead.

What for? Contributions sugar these drinks cause fat storage as explained in the article on the Coca-Cola.

Green tea contains instead of a compound which, when combined with caffeine, stimulates the conversion of fat. It is the same for the carrot juice.

5. Tomato

how to loss weight

Eventually eat every day. It contains antioxidants and powerful fight against hunger.

What for? Tomato eliminates ghrelin, a substance secreted by the stomach to stimulate appetite and pushes foods that contain the most calories. It is secreted when you do not eat or when you are under stress.

6. Vinegar

weight loss tips

Vinegar can help lose weight and can reduce cholesterol. Of course, you must replace mayonnaise and other sauces for dressage.

What for? It contains acetic acid produced by the fermentation of alcohol to acid, which contributes to the fat burning. A Japanese study has also shown that it lowers cholesterol, even if it was sponsored by a manufacturer of vinegar …

7. Olive Oil

weight loss

Add olive oil when you can, or rather use it to replace other fats. But not replace sources of omega-3 as it contains mostly omega 6 times.

What for? Olive oil is proven by scientific studies to contain oleic acid which provides a feeling of satiety.

8. Red Wine

tips for weight loss

Small amounts of wine are not dangerous and especially red wine that helps to reduce cholesterol.

What for? Red wine contains resveratrol poplyphénols or antioxidants, the benefits are many. Resveratrol helps to reduce fat around the abdomen.

9. Paprika

weight loss

Add pepper in food.

What for? It contributes to the transformation of fat into energy.

10. Calcium

Try to get more calcium in your diet. It is easy with cheese and skim milk.

Eat goat cheese (sparingly) instead of cheese made from cow’s milk.

What for? Calcium is involved in energy metabolism and facilitates the conversion of sugar to fat.

Goat cheese contains fewer calories than the other. Gruyère is the largest, to avoid.

Soy Or otherwise with sauce, soy help lose weight while providing proteins.

What for? Soy contains elements that affect the brain and sent him a message of satiety.

Cocoa is generally considered good for health, but it also depends on its quality. Chocolate can contain a quantity of sugar and added fat. This can be controlled using pure cocoa topped with sugar from a party and sweetener.

What for? It is an effective appetite suppressant food, because of its thickness, fats (good fats but when they come from cocoa butter). Chocolate contains many antioxidants.
Beans and lentils

Eat all kinds of beans and lentils at least once a week. They are not fat and even reduce fat storage.

What for? Beans contain an enzyme that stimulates the body to burn more fat and less sugar to produce the action of energy.

The lenses contain leucine, an amino acid which accelerates the conversion of fat to energy.

Eat slowly

Use various means that will make you eat more slowly. This will also make you eat less.

What for? To reach satiety sooner during a meal.

Hearty breakfast

It makes you eat less the rest of the day.

What for? To not eat in the morning cause a deficiency that promotes eating more and provokes a response by the metabolism of storage.

Space Meals

Do not eat between meals and do not start eating within three hours after the previous.

What for? For several reasons, actually. To avoid disturbing the metabolism of processing and storage of foods, and also reduce the size of the stomach, used to consume. The feeling of hunger not really motivated always disappears after a while.

Long Walk

No need for intense physical activity. Some walking, hiking or better.

What for? The metabolism of the active practice of burning fat. This eliminates the fat stored in tissues while it lasts long enough. Instead, a short but intense exercise burns only sugars.

Other things less easy to implement …

  1. Acupuncture.
  2. Laugh often. This consumes a lot of calories.
  3. Practice relaxation and breathing exercises. Avoid stress which leads to eating more.
  4. Playing sports in the morning forces the body to draw on reserves.
  5. Melon and the combined egg is a food that reduced calories. However, we can not abuse the eggs that are too high in cholesterol.
  6. Grenades beans contain compounds that reduce the fat storage.
  7. Borage oil can be taken in the form of tablets. It provides the essential fatty acids and contributes to the proper metabolic functioning appropriate.


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