10 Foods that Burn Fat


foods that burn fatIf you’re on a campaign to burn excess fat, but the thought of forsaking savory foods is too much to bear, take heart. Not all foods that burn fat belong in the “contemptible” category.

You can enjoy a well balanced, appetizing cuisine and still manage to trim down to the weight you desire.

Let’s take a look at some of the most “unlikely” candidates on our list of best foods to burn fat.

Best Foods To Burn Fat

1. Coffee
2. Cocoa
3. Red Wine
4. Oatmeal
5. Chicken Noodle Soup
6. Chili
7. Mashed Sweet Potatoes
8. Roasted Potatoes
9. Roast Beef
10. Pumpkin Pie

Delightful Drinks that Burn Fat


coffeeCoffee, cocoa and red wine all contain anti-oxidants that help combat fat in the body. These compounds work in unique ways, but the end result is the same, making these drinks a popular addition to the list of foods that burn fat

Coffee — We all know that coffee is great for morale, but are you aware that it also increases body metabolism to burn calories at a faster rate? Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, an anti-oxidant that accelerates the conversion of fat into energy in your body. This same compound reduces the intake of sugar in your blood after eating, to keep off extra pounds. The stronger the java, the better the results.

Cocoa — There’s more to cocoa than just a luscious taste. Cocoa’s anti-oxidants reduce cortisol production in the body, a stress hormone responsible for your body retaining belly fat. Cocoa’s protein and carbs also enhance muscle recovery after extensive workouts. Stir some cinnamon in your brew to reduce insulin in the blood to further prevent weight gain.

Red Wine — Red wine not only soothes the heart but fights excess fat at the same time. Red wine contains the anti-oxidant resveratrol, which slows down the production of fat. That, in itself, is great news. But there’s more. Red wine also harbors a substance called calcium pyruvate that increases the rate at which fat cells burn energy. Considering that every 6-oz. glass  contains roughly 150 calories, you may want to stick to only one glass a day, rather than a few.

Keep the Flavor, Burn the Fat

These fat burning dishes show how you can keep the flavor in your diet while still warding off calories.


Oatmeal — Start your day with a delicious serving of steel-cut oatmeal and lose weight. The combination of protein and fiber reduces insulin production and slows digestion to discourage weight gain.

oatmealChicken noodle soup — Consuming soup before a meal helps lower your calorie intake. Soup broth not only fills you up but provides excellent nourishment as well. Chicken noodle soup is packed with protein and vitamins that will boost your metabolism at meal’s end.

Chili — When you chow down on a filling bowl of chili, you benefit from the meat and bean protein and tomato fiber within. But that’s not all. The unique compound capsaicin responsible for heating up jalapeños and chili peppers can incinerate excess calories by as much as 50 calories a day.

Mashed sweet potatoes — Sweet potatoes combine carotenoids with chlorogenic acid to reduce the production of sugar and insulin in the body to reduce weight gain — especially excess fat around your waist. You also benefit from sweet potato fiber to slow digestion as you enjoy this filling treat.

Roasted potatoes — Potats may have a “fat-building” reputation but truth be told, they’re full of nutrients to help ward off disease. White spuds contain allicin, a chemical that fights inflammation, which may just be what you need to reduce your waistline. Roasted potats are not only nutritious, but satisfy your hunger so you don’t over-indulge in your eating.

Pot Roast — Roast beef is full of protein, which is harder to digest. As such, your body employs more energy and burns more calories in the process. Protein-rich foods also take longer to exit the body, reducing your appetite and calorie intake during the course of the day. In a recent study, participants whose diet consisted of 30% protein lowered their calorie intake by as much as 450 calories in a day.

Pumpkin — You can put pumpkin pie on your holiday menu and still lose weight. One cup of pumpkin filling amounts to only 46 calories in addition to three grams fiber. Pumpkin contains the stress fighting anti-oxidant beta-carotene, which helps to reduce body inflammation that’s connected to fat storage.

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